Smart Home & Automation

A well designed and implemented smart home system can not only maximise the convenience and entertainment potential of you home but also improve you security for you piece of mind and contribute towards reducing your energy consumption. All of which can be accessed and controlled at the touch of a button or the tap of a screen. 

All of our Smart Home and Automation packages are designed and built with you in mind. Each is bespoke and tailored to suit you and your family’s needs. By combining the latest technologies, we provide the ultimate convenient home control solution bringing together lighting, heating, AV, window treatments and access control into a single simple to use interface.

lighting control

Lighting Control

When used to its full potential, lighting can transform a property by highlighting its best and most prominent features. Having the ability to activate lighting scenes combining various lights at pre-set levels can simplify creating the right mood for different situations such as watching a movie or having a dinner party. Create the perfect ambiance at the touch of a button!

Multiroom Audio & Video

Experience high end audio and distributed video through a seamlessly integrated system allowing you to play your favourite music, film or TV show from any room in the home. Combine wall mounted touch screens, advanced remote controls and a simple to use smart phone app to control all of this literally from your finger tips! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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Wi-Fi & Home Networking

Arguably one of the most important services your home can offer. Whether it’s for the kids on TikTok and You Tube, streaming your favourite shows from Netflix or working from home; everyone wants a piece! Say goodbye endless loading screens and glitchy gaming. Our Wi-Fi installations provide seamless connectivity for all devices ensuring all four bars in every corner of your home!

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