Cinema & Media Rooms

Advanced Lighting Control

Recreate the perfect cinema feel with advanced lighting scenes. Customisable scenes can be recalled at the touch of a button and set to automatically activate when the movie begins helping you bring that true cinema experience home! 


Simple Control

Simplify Movie Nights and de-clutter with an easy to use and ergonomic Universal Remote. Select any of your TV, Sky or Streaming Services at the touch of a button. You can save favourites and set up pre-specified scenes to be activated from a single button press! 

Simple. Elegant. Classy. 

Custom Keypads 

Add a modern touch to any room with a fully customisable keypad. Add any inscription, change the back light colours and program each button to do almost anything! Recall your favourite Spotify playlist, switch to gaming mode, open streaming service or simply turn the lights off! The choice is yours! 

Cinema Room

Not sure you want a dedicated Home Cinema? Why not swap the projector for a TV, add a home bar and a games console? Create your own multi-use space packed with technology to keep you and your family entertained for ever! Whether you want party room, teenage hangout or perfect place to watch the Cup Final, we've got you covered! 


The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Take your Gaming to another level! Hook up your console and experience your favourite game on the BIG screen with Cinema Surround Sound. Whether you're a Call of Duty expert or a Fifa novice, gaming like this will blow your mind! 

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